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We’ve finally been visited by the rain gods. While the much needed showers have brought us some relief from the scorching summer heat, they’ve also opened the doors to those whining invaders—mosquitoes. This, in turn, increases the risk of deadly mosquito-borne diseases.

Keep you and your family protected with the help of the most effective mosquito trap.

Mosquito Magnet®machine.

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Mosquito Magnet's Line of Defense

The #1 Mosquito Trap in the world

Traps Hundreds of Mosquitoes

Safe & easy to use

Cover 1 Acre

Recommended By CDC, USA

Certified by EPA, USA

No Dengue / Malaria / Chikungunya

Effective 24/7

Works in All Weathers


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With the tagline of Attracts, Captures, Kills, Narah Mosquito Magnet machine has been a crusader to kill mosquitoes and make every home disease free, since its inception. Mosquito Magnet line of defence ensures that you can fight against every variety of mosquitoes that can invade your home in the easiest of ways.